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In Au fil des mots, the player plays the role of a traveller who writes a letter on board a train. However, during the writing process, he is subjected to a constraint that he must respect for as long as possible while trying to make his story meaningful. Indeed, proposals for the beginning of words, whole words or sentences, which the player completes as he wishes, are projected directly onto the machine sheet. These constraints alternate with "free words" that the player can write. At the end of the experiment, the player is free to leave with his story as a souvenir.


What attracted us to the typewriter was the question of the final trace left by the ink in contact with the sheet. Unless you change the sheet, it is not possible to completely erase what you have written. Unthinkable today with computer. This is what we have tried to explore in Au Fil des Mots, which could be translated by "in the words". The choice of railway and travel themes is a metaphor for writing. This experience is inspired by the work of Oulipo and the Beat Generation. After an improvement phase of the project, we would like to present it during events. Each story will be included in a specially published notebook for the event.


  • Use an old typewriter
  • The paper sheet is the screen
  • A notebook is released after each event, featuring texts players have written (with their agreement)


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Show and Tell Official Selection" IndieCade Europe (Paris, FRANCE), October 30th, 2017

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About Funambule Games

Funambule is a french word for "tightrope walker". We try to put a little bit of that spirit in our games : something aerial, hypnotic and magical! We are four designers from Paris, France : Paul-Etienne Bardot, Mégane Robert, Quentin Sutter and Mallory Agoumba. We don't have 100% defined roles, but Quentin is mostly responsible for code, Mégane for art and Paul-Etienne for game design, as Mallory.

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Au Fil des Mots Credits

Paul-Etienne Bardot
Game design, Hardware

Mégane Robert

Quentin Sutter
Development, Hardware

Mallory Agoumba
Game design

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